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Mrs. Haylie Lewis

1st Degree Black Belt





Rank: 1st Degree Black Belt

Date Started Taekwon-Do: September 2018

Birthday: July 13th

What did you want to be when you grow up: A veterinarian or teacher
Favorite part of class:

USTF Number:  19-402





Where were you born:  Valentine, Nebraska
What countries/states have you lived in: Wyoming, Texas and Nebraska
What sports/hobbies do you have other than Taekwon-Do: Camping, hiking, landscaping, reading and candle-making
What is your favorite food: Salad
What would like others to know about you:

Someday I would like to live in a van or small camper


1st Degree, USTF-1-11642, Feb 22, Grand Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska



USTF Class C Referee, Feb 19, 2022 - MO

2022 Hours: 16 - USTF Referee Seminar

                           - Sereff TKD World Camp


1. Why did you start Taekwon-Do:   I enjoyed being physical and learning self-defense and wanted to learn more
2. What made you interested enough to join: Grand Master Todd made learning fun, relevant and emphasized that TKD was for all ages and ability levels
3. What did you think being a black belt meant before you started training: I thought that being a black belt meant that I would have skills, abilities like characters in martial arts movies, and I would be able to defend myself if necessary
4. What do you think being a black belt means now: 
The meaning of black belt to me now is perseverance


5. What changed your opinion: Interacting with my seniors and hours of practice
6. What was your goal when you started  Taekwon-Do: To become a black belt
7. What is your goal now: My goal is to continue learning about TKD and improve my skills and abilities

1st degree black belt testing - 1 tile knife hand

Feb 2022


1st degree black belt testing - 2 board flying turning kick

1st degree black belt testing - 1 board downward kick


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