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Mr. Patrick J. Finan

4th Degree Black Belt


Inactive August 2017


Date stated Martial Arts: September 1990

Date started Taekwon-Do USTF: January 2006

Favorite part of class: Kicking & Sparring

Least favorite part of class: I do not have a least favorite part of class.

Birthday: October 30, 1970

Where were you born: Riverside, California

What countries/states have you lived in: Riverside, CA; Altus, OK, Omaha, NE (three dfferent times); Bossier City, LA; Guam; Abilene, TX; San Angelo, TX; Eagan, MN;Burnsville, MN; Lompoc, CA; Minot, ND; Pensacola,FL; Dayton OH; and I have had extended stays in England, Japan, Korea, Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Diego Garcia, and South Korea.

What sports/hobbies do you have other than Taekwon-Do: Volleyball & Flying

What is your favorite food: Rare steak & loaded baked sweet potato

Highest level of education: Masters of Science in Business

Current profession: Officer in the U.S. Air Force,

During your career, what was your favorite job: 7th Air Force Inspector General





Mr. Finan is a black belt student at Axe Taekwon-Do.  Mr. Finan is Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska

What are your children’s names: Samantha, Patrick, Jr. and Jonathan

What is your wife’s name: Christina

What type of pets do you have and what are their names: 2 Dogs; Dozer and Buddy

What did you want to be when you were a child: A fighter pilot


USTF Armed Forces Director, October 2009 - Sr. Grand Master Sereff


4th Degree, USTF-4-676, February 2013, Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska

3rd Degree, USTF-3-1180, October 2009, Master Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska

2nd Degree, USTF-2-2853, June 2007, Mr. Todd, Bellevue, Nebraska

1st Degree, January 18, 1998, David Rivas under Grand Master John Pelegrini, Minot, North Dakota


USTF Class B Instructor, Number 203, 2011

USTF Class C Instructor, Number 860, Feb 2009

USTF Class A Referee, March 2013

USTF Class B Referee, Jan 2008

USTF Class C Referee, March 2009

USTF Basic Ho-Sin-Sul, November 2007

1. Why did you start to train in Taekwon-Do?
    Self defense, and I had always wanted to do something like that since I was a very small kid.

2. What made you interested enough to join?
   It was being offered at he college I was going to at the time, so I tried it out.  Up to that point, I never had the time to put into it.

3. What did you think being a Black Belt meant before you  started training?
 The ultimate intimidation.

4. What do you think being a Black Belt means now?
    Discipline, control, respect, and sharing the knowledge.

5. What changed your opinion?
Meeting Black Belts as I progressed through the ranks, and seeing how much hard work it took to actually attain that level. .


6. What do you like the most about Taekwon-Do?
 Everything. You learn every class, and help people expand their  learning abilities as well.

7. What was you goal when you started Taekwon-Do?
 To learn as much as I could and earn a Black Belt.

8. What do you want to accomplish now?
To spread the art and science of Taekwon-Do as much as possible, allowing others to enjoy it as much as I do.






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