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Mr. William Palmer, IV

3rd Degree Black Belt





Rank: 3rd Degree Black Belt

Date Started Taekwon-Do: 1998

Birthday: August 2, 1993

What did you want to be when you grow up: High Energy Physicist
Favorite part of class: Patterns & Sparring

USTF Number: 



Where were you born: Colorado
What countries/states have you lived in: Colorado & Nebraska
What sports/hobbies do you have other than Taekwon-Do:
What is your favorite food: Chicken Alfredo
What would like others to know about you:


3rd Degree, USA-3-1293, Dec 2017

2nd Degree

1st Degree



2019 Hours: New to class


1. Why did you start Taekwon-Do:  My mother put me in it
2. What made you interested enough to join:  
3. What did you think being a black belt meant before you started training: You mastered a martial art
4. What do you think being a black belt means now: 
You are proficent enough at the basics to apply the concepts to more advanced technique


5. What changed your opinion: Helping teach classes while still learning new techniques shows how much more detail each technique has
6. What was your goal when you started  Taekwon-Do: Have an extra curricular on Saturday mornings
7. What is your goal now: To hone the skills I have and round out my fighting potential













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